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I felt a need to post something, but I’m too tired to rant, sooooo… I found a meme to write about: six strange things about me:

1. I talk like a professor. As far as I can tell (and as far as my friends can remember) I’ve always sounded like I’m giving a lecture, even if I’m talking about what I did on the weekend. Of course, it gets worse if I’m talking about politics or birds.

2. I’m addicted to cranberry juice. I’ve been known to go through a half-gallon in a weekend.

3. I waver between pantheism and agnosticism, sometimes daily.

4. I sing (under my breath) unconsciously wherever I go.

5. I spent 20 minutes today battling wind and rain to get pictures of Canada Geese. I’m still not sure whythey’re all over around here, and they’re not the prettiest birds in the world. Ah, well, I have some decent ones to show for it.

6. Also related to photography, I went to Wallowa Lake for a weekend last summer, and in three days came back with over a thousand pictures. I think I need professional help.


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