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Note to Self

Never track-back to a nutter blog again. My readership spiked after I linked to the Conservative Times, but I got this lovely “rebuttal”:

“Finally, you lose the right to accuse anyone of racism when you define conservatism as “the survival and enhancement of a particular people and its institutionalized cultural expressions.””

First of all, conservatives should not accuse people of racism because racism is a neo-Marxist term used to enforce politically correct right think. I don’t think anyone affiliated with Conservative Times called anyone a racist. They suggested that La Raza (Meaning The Race. A little ironic don’t you think?) is anti-White and anti-West. Nor did they say that La Raza is a terrorist organization. Although the quotes from the founder of La Raza are quite interesting. I did not write the post, but I think the Al Qaeda reference was comparing them on the basis of them being anti-West.

What problem do you have with the definition of conservatism? How would you define it? I believe the definition is a translation of the quote from Cicero that is above it.

You are a good little PC water carrier, BTW. Declaring that people “lose the right” to comment when they deviate from the liberal party line.

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La Raza=al Qaeda?

This is really confusing, and more than a little offensive. There’s an article in the Conservative Times that compares La Raza to al Qaeda, among other offensive drivel:

Barack Hussein Obama will join La Raza in honoring traitors Sen. Lindsey Graham, Rep. Luis Gutierrez, and Roger Cardinal Mahony. La Raza is perhaps one of the most, if not the most, anti-white, anti-West organizations on American soil. It certainly would rank up there with the Black Panthers and Al Qaeda.

Why exactly is Graham still in office? Are South Carolina voters really so ignorant? This Senator, from one of the most conservative states in the union, is catering to Mexican terrorists, and yet he is still running unchallenged in the 2008 primary?

First of all, the National Council of La Raza is not a terrorist group, no matter what those fat racists Limbaugh and O’Reilly think. Second, read the constitution before you accuse someone of treason: even I am careful with that (no, Bush is probably not a traitor). Finally, you lose the right to accuse anyone of racism when you define conservatism as “the survival and enhancement of a particular people and its institutionalized cultural expressions.”

a la Wonkette 

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Hillary ≠ Bill

I normally don’t talk like an obnoxious cheerleader, but right now it’s appropriate. Oh. My. God.

On Thursday, Meredith Vieira interviewed Barack Obama and asked him whether or not he will “make the personal issues of other candidates an issue in [his] race.” A decent question (though inane to anyone who has followed the squeaky-clean campaigns that Obama has previously run). The problem was the prelude:

There’s been a lot of discussion lately about the marriage factor and how that will play in the race. Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, Newt Gingrich — all married multiple times. Plus, Hillary Clinton has had her marriage troubles as well. [Emphasis added.]

Yes, Hillary has had numerous affairs while her spouse was crippled by a car accident, refused to pay even a tiny amount of alimony despite her multi-million dollar salary, and announced her divorce shortly after Bill was diagnosed with MS. Oh, no, wait, that would be McCain, Giuliani, and Gingrich, respectively. Hillary Clinton’s “marriage troubles” consisted entirely of taking back the man she married despite several affairs. Which proves, at worst, that she trusts her husband too much, and more likely that she loves him despite his flaws and believes that marriage is sacred. Can we have a little less misogyny and a little more truth from NBC, please?

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If You’re Going to Be Sexist, At Least Grow Up

This is already over the blogosphere by now, but it’s so obnoxious I have to put it up. Andrew Sullivan apparently has never gone through puberty, despite the beard and bald spot (hormone replacement therapy?). He thinks Hillary Clinton has cooties. Yes, he actually said “cooties.” Come on, we’re not in the second grade, Mr. Sullivan. Come out and say it: “I’m sexist and don’t want a woman to be president.”

Of course, he could be just playing to the sexist sensibilities of the Republican base. Apparently he mostly hates her for being liberal. I think the term he used was “radioactive blue.” I’ve heard of “electric blue,” but what is radioactive blue? Maybe the color you turn when Bush dumps nuclear waste in your Native American Reservation?

Sullivan has one more insult. She’s a “terrible politician.” I can think of a lot of insults for her, but “terrible politician” is not one of them. Cold and prickly, yes. Manipulative, yes. Unprincipled, yes. But “terrible politician” applies to Mrs. Clinton about as much as “intelligent and insightful” applies to Mr. Sullivan.

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The Weather Channel: A Nefarious Tool for Environmental Terrorists?

This is hilarious. Check out this link from Huffington Post. I wish environmentalists had a hold on some media outlet, but really, it’s just mainstream scientists in this case. A report is going to be released soon from an international consortium of scientists saying that sea levels will rise 20-something inches by 2050. It will be unanimous, and most members say that that is the most conservative estimate, and anything less than one meter is wishful thinking.

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I’m Baaaack!

No, I’m not dead. Just recovering from back surgery.

Anyway, I’m back, and I’m mad. Forget about the Iraq “augmentation.” Forget about Chuck Hagel’s voting to eviscerate the minimum wage law. Forget, even, that clumsy Obama/madrassa smear. Someone has slandered Jimmy Carter.
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