About The Soggy Liberal

When I tell people that I have a blog, they always seem to ask “why?”

Good question, actually.

I started blogging in late October, 2006 on Blogger, as a way of releasing some of the stress I was building up in the middle of my first semester at university. Politics is sort of an escape for me. As I started to get more serious and checked out other blogs to get ideas, I realized that most other blogs were engaged in single-issue advocacy. I had a real problem with that. I care about feminist issues, like the people at Feministing, but I also care about religion, international politics, race, science, and other, more random, topics. When you focus on a single issue, you can’t really change anything. The world doesn’t revolve around a single issue.

So, like Ali Eteraz, I am setting a new course. The Soggy Liberal is not devoted to kicking the neo-cons out of office, like The Huffington Post, nor to science or religion. I write about the day’s news, but it’s no substitute for the New York Times, the Guardian, and the like. This blog is about opinion and insight on everything. But most of all, The Soggy Liberal is about advocacy. Not advocacy for a cause, but advocacy for a view point. A very liberal, secular view point.

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