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Why I’m Not Religious

Among other things, here’s a quote from Roger Hill in the Guardian

[A]ll animals suffer a huge range of diseases; most female animals lose most of their offspring; and most species live under stress at the limit their environment can sustain. Designing a world like that is just plain evil. So if there is one intelligent designer, it is evil.


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The Soggy Liberal Rechristening!

Welcome to the WordPress version of The Soggy Liberal! I switched from Blogger because WordPress is more flexible and (as you can see) has more attractive themes. Unfortunately, they won’t let me import from Blogger Beta, so if you want to see my old posts, you’ll have to go to the old page.

***Update: WordPress has changed their program, so I can update my old posts.***

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Last Post on Blogger!

I’ll leave this site up (at least for a while), but I’m moving to WordPress because it’s more versatile. The address is

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I Love My State!

My Senator, Gordon Smith (R-OR), said on Friday (on the floor of the Senate):

“Our soldiers patrolling the same streets in the same way, being blown up by the same bombs day after day, it’s absurd. It may even be criminal.”

Even though he’s Republican, you gotta admire his honesty/cojones.

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I just finished my Latin essay. That was pulling teeth. I got it in just under deadline, and just over minimum length. Probably not my best paper, but not my worst, either.

Anyway, I want to give a plug to one of the professors at Willamette: John Doan. I was at his Christmas concert last night, and I was blown away. I knew he could play the harp guitar, but not the tremeloa (a really bizarre Hawaiian instrument)! Anyway, I would really suggest his Christmas album, which is on iTunes.

This post has nothing to do with the fact that I’m taking guitar from him next semester.

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Net Neutrality

It looks like Senator Ted “Series of Tubes” Stevens’ telecommunications bill is dead. Well, at least the new congress looks a bit less likely to pass the idiotic thing.

For those of you who haven’t been paying attention, Stevens wanted to give AT&T and their ilk the right to charge big sites (like Google or Amazon) to give them priority over little sites that haven’t paid (like yours truly) and better download times. Sort of like taxing mom & pop stores to give WalMart a tax break. Or cutting back on social services to give Halliburton a massive no-bid contract. You know, stuff our government would never do.

Anyway, I still have to write a letter to Gordon Smith to try and get him to change his mind. Hopefully I can get my republican grandpa to do the same.

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I Hate…

Insomnia. Combine insomnia with an essay in Latin, and it becomes loathing. I’ve had a major case of writers block with my term paper in Latin, and finally came up with a topic: the dichotomy portrayed in Catiline. If it sounds boring, that’s because it is. It might even get me to sleep.

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