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If You’re Going to Be Sexist, At Least Grow Up

This is already over the blogosphere by now, but it’s so obnoxious I have to put it up. Andrew Sullivan apparently has never gone through puberty, despite the beard and bald spot (hormone replacement therapy?). He thinks Hillary Clinton has cooties. Yes, he actually said “cooties.” Come on, we’re not in the second grade, Mr. Sullivan. Come out and say it: “I’m sexist and don’t want a woman to be president.”

Of course, he could be just playing to the sexist sensibilities of the Republican base. Apparently he mostly hates her for being liberal. I think the term he used was “radioactive blue.” I’ve heard of “electric blue,” but what is radioactive blue? Maybe the color you turn when Bush dumps nuclear waste in your Native American Reservation?

Sullivan has one more insult. She’s a “terrible politician.” I can think of a lot of insults for her, but “terrible politician” is not one of them. Cold and prickly, yes. Manipulative, yes. Unprincipled, yes. But “terrible politician” applies to Mrs. Clinton about as much as “intelligent and insightful” applies to Mr. Sullivan.


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The Weather Channel: A Nefarious Tool for Environmental Terrorists?

This is hilarious. Check out this link from Huffington Post. I wish environmentalists had a hold on some media outlet, but really, it’s just mainstream scientists in this case. A report is going to be released soon from an international consortium of scientists saying that sea levels will rise 20-something inches by 2050. It will be unanimous, and most members say that that is the most conservative estimate, and anything less than one meter is wishful thinking.

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Air America Saved

Good news and better news this morning! The good news is that Air America will be bought (and therefore saved from ruin) by Stephen Green, whose brother ran against Mayor Bloomberg and is a frequent guest. The better news? Al Franken is leaving, and will be replaced by my Hometown Hero, Thom Hartman!

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Race and Soccer in Georgia

This is at once eminently disgusting, and wonderfully inspirational. The president of Willamette Students for Civil Liberties (the university branch of the ACLU) sent me this story from the New York Times about a soccer team from Georgia composed completely of refugees.

Actually, I don’t remember signing up for the WSCL newsletter. I’m glad I did, though.

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Anthem for the Age

Pink’s “Dear Mr. President”:

And I’ll put a permanent link on the sidebar.

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Israel Uses (Essentially) Same Tactics as Hezbollah

Many thanks to my mom for this story.

According to the New York Times and a Reuters report on, the State Department will be informing Congress Monday that Israel may have violated agreements not to use U.S. supplied cluster bombs in highly populated areas. (If you don’t know exactly what a cluster bomb does, click here.) Two questions. Why was Israel planting thousands of tiny mines in Lebanese cities? And why, in God’s name, were we selling the damn things to Israel? For that matter, why do we have them in the first place?

Stupid/Evil award, however, goes to Sean McCormack, a State Department spokesman. He said that “It is important to remember the kind of war Hezbollah waged. They used innocent civilians as a way to shield their fighters.” True, but last time I checked, it doesn’t matter what your enemy does, you have to obey the Geneva Conventions, the Hague Conventions, and you know, try not to kill innocent civilians.

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Something You Won’t See in US Media

From the Guardian comes news that Iran is having trouble enriching more than a few grams of Uranium 235, less than .02% of what is needed for a bomb. And, not only is Iran having some problems, it turns out that it’s not sanctions or blustering on our president’s part that’s brought this about. Nope, just good, old-fashioned arms control. Iran was almost completely dependent on A. Q. Khan’s smuggling operation, and we broke that up because of IAEA inspections. They were also dependent on a few suppliers of high quality ball bearings in Malaysia. Again, those companies were shut down. Basically, the “threat” of a nuclear attack by Iran on Israel (or anyone else) was made up by Ehud Olmert and his neo-con friends in the US.

You know what, Bush and Ahmadinejad are really just a couple of puffed up grouse arguing about who has bigger, er, sacks. That’s honestly what they’re called.

Actually, as funny as the image of Bush the Grouse is, it needs sound.

Seriously, try to imagine Bush making this noise.

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