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Why We Have Hate Crime Laws

I just read this wonderful article by Michael Dorf on FindLaw about Bush’s threat to veto the proposed hate crimes bill. He points out that, while it is possible to argue against hate crime laws in general on the basis of constitutionality, Bush’s real motive is more likely homophobia. Well, that’s a little obvious, but it needed to be said.

Anyway, I was listening to Thom Hartmann on Friday, and he and his callers were talking about the veto and why we need hate crime laws in the first place. Thom said that the reason we have harsher punishments for crimes motivated by hatred towards a certain group is because it is intended to spread fear. (Which, BTW, is not prohibited by the First Ammendment; see Virginia vs. Black. Fuck off, libertarians.)

True, but the main reason we must have federal hate crime laws is because local law enforcement (especially in conservative areas, where hate crimes are more likely to take place) tends to turn a blind eye to crimes against blacks, gays, transexuals, etc. Hate crime laws allows the federal government to step in and investigate a crime when the local authorities fail to do so.


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Time to Taunt the Paleocons Again

I just saw that my secret detractor Filmer has posted about me again (I’m flattered!). So, I’ll go against my own rule and return the favor. I’ll also clear a few things up:

  • I’m no fuckin’ centrist. I’m a bleeding heart, tree hugging, Birkenstock wearing liberal. And I hate centrists almost as much as conservatives; I would assign to them a far worse fate than Dante.
  • You are a troll.
    • You flamed me. (By the way, “PC water carrier” was the worst you could come up with?) Troll points: +1.
    • You capitalized “founding fathers” on the blog of a guy who bloody hates the founding fathers. Troll points: +1.
    • You assume that I’m an isolationist without reading any of my posts marked “World.” Troll Points: +2.
    • You used American Renaissance and Council of Conservative Citizens as sources. Troll Points: +6.

    Which gives you a total of 10 troll points. Five is enough to be considered a full blown troll. Read the rest of this entry »

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Blog Against Sexism (Take 2)

God, I’m stupid. Five minutes after I make my post saying I can’t think of much for Blog Against Sexism Day, I realize I do have something to say. Hegemonic masculinity sucks. For those of you who know what hegemonic masculinity is (it might be limited to rhetoric students, I’m not sure), you can skip this post. If not, more information follows the jump Read the rest of this entry »

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Blog Against Sexism

Well, there’s a couple hours left in the day, so I figured I ought to try to participate in Blog Against Sexism Day. Since I’m not entirely sure what to write about (“sexism is bad” should be a “duh!” thing, and Feministing, Pandagon, et al. do a better job than I could ever do disproving the myth that sexism is gone), here’s a tribute to my parents (and assorted family members), who made me the male feminist I am today. Read the rest of this entry »

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I Love Troll-Baiting

Check out this exchange between me (and some other enlightened folk) and a lonely troll.

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I’m a little late posting this, but Ali Eteraz posted this absolutely beautiful piece on his blog. It’s an arrangement by the Symphony Orchestra of Bosnia-Herzegovina of the adhan and a Sufi chant.

Next time someone calls Arabs “barbarians” or “backwards” I won’t know whether to hit them, laugh, or play this.

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This Is So [expletive deleted] Wrong

In the category of “Wrong Response,” the winner is… a school district in New Jersey. When a teacher at Kearny High School made several, shall we say, unjustified comments to his class (we’ll get to what she said in a moment), a junior there decided enough was enough and he would go to the school board. However, since he was only a student, he thought they wouldn’t believe him, so he decided to record the class on audio tape.

What did he record? The teacher telling his class that the big bang and evolution were unscientific, that there were dinosaurs on Noah’s ark, and that if you did not accept Jesus Christ as your savior (hallelujah!) , you would burn in Hell for all eternity. So, what do you think the school board did when they heard the tape? Well, first they reprimanded (not fired) the teacher. Then, they banned taping classes without permission from the teacher.

Well, it turns out that the teacher has not learned his lesson. Apparently the same student that taped him in September now says that he compared the people who believe in global warming (aka scientists) to Hitler. What, exactly, does it take to fire a teacher?

The teacher in question is male, not female, as I stated before. (I’m not entirely sure how I missed that.)

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