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The Permanent Democratic Majority

It looks like we really might be headed for a permanent stay in congress. The Hill says (at the bottom of the page) that Republicans are not turning to “self help books” for losers like the Dems did in 2004 (What’s the Matter With Kansas, Don’t Think of an Elephant, etc.). This could mean (and I hope it does) that republicans are not willing to change, even though their strategy for the past 12 years has fallen apart.

Let the schadenfreude begin!


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Anti Gravity At Last

Yes, that’s a floating fish.

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Frist Won’t Run in ’08

According to the New York Times. Good for the country, bad for heart patients in Tennessee. A response on the NYT’s website:

If this guy is returning to surgery in Tenessee, I hope I don’t have a heart attack when visiting the place. If his memorable diagnosis of Terry Shivo is any indication of his abilities, he might decide I have kidney stones and cut out my appendix.

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The Game of Love

Good news for me.

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Happy Thanksgiving…

I hope everyone had a better Thanksgiving break than the Willamette debate team.

On Wednesday, one of our team members, Logan Will, died in a car crash on his way home for Thanksgiving. His girlfriend and our coach were some of the first at the hospital where he was airlifted, and our coach sent out an e-mail to all of the debate team.

When I saw this, I think like everybody else on the team, I was in a sort of shock. I had talked to him just a few days before, and now he was gone. Unlike most of the team, though, I was in the odd position of knowing and liking Logan, but not so well that I ever saw him outside of debate class and competitions. And yet, I found myself near tears—and my emotions don’t usually get the best of me. “Why?” I started asking myself.

I know why. Logan was the one person in a thousand who was not only incredibly intelligent and funny, but also completely available. I have known many people who, in their senior year, would pay little or no attention to freshmen like me. We don’t have anyone like that on our team, but Logan was especially friendly, even though he was quiet (probably the first word anyone used to describe him).

On the forensics retreat earlier this year, Logan was the first person to help me with my debate style. He went out of his way to make me, and the other freshmen, feel comfortable. And again at each tournament we were at, he was always the first to ask how rounds had gone, and to congratulate or commiserate. I wish I could express this better, but for some reason I can’t.

Goodbye, Logan.

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Holy Holy Holy Shit!

From the Guardian, no less, comes evidence that the CIA killed Bobby Kennedy.

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Wait Your Turn, Senator

Sorry for the frivolous post, but this is too funny to pass up. Apparently John Edwards sent an aide to Wal-Mart to buy a PS3. This from the guy who has been so critical of Wal-Mart! It turns out that it was too early to buy one, so they sent his aide home empty handed.

On a slightly more important note, you can plug in your new PS3 to the internet and help Stanford find cures for cancer and Alzheimer’s. Sort of like the programs you can download to use your spare processing power to help SETI or

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