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On Protest

In my Mass Media class, we were talking about protests, and how they are successful. I think that some people (**cough**anti-WTO folks**cough**) could use to hear what my class came up with. Read the rest of this entry »


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I Love Troll-Baiting

Check out this exchange between me (and some other enlightened folk) and a lonely troll.

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Cheney Despondent

Cheney’s crying his eyes out, not for the 23 people that died in explosion that was meant for him, but because he won’t get that newest, bestest toy that he’s been wanting forever: war with Iran. Turns out those “super IED’s” (or EFP’s, explosively formed penetrators) that could only have been made in Iran, were in fact made in Iraq, from parts bought on the open market in many countries other than Iran.

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Our President. Sigh.

I forgot the academy awards were last night (not having a TV will do that to you), and just found out that our President the man who got the majority of the population to vote for him in 2000 but wasn’t actually elected because of our fucked up election system, some corrupt officials, and a conservative Supreme Court, won Best Documentary Feature, and Melissa Etheridge won Best Original Song for her piece in it!

In related news, some drunk from Texas President Bush got his picture taken with some scientists, what appears to be pickled eels, and a toy car. Because he’s so serious about alternative fuels.


Note that he’s the only one wearing lab goggles. Bill Nye he ain’t.

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The Catholic Church Has Jumped the Shark

Apparently Catholic clergy have fallen from denouncing Nazi war crimes, fighting totalitarianism in the USSR, and going to jail to protest the Vietnam war to fighting against our right to look at naked women on 1″ screens. Yes, that’s right, the Canadian cell phone service Telus has dropped their soft-core porn downloads for cellphones in response to a boycott led by Archbishop Raymond Roussin of Vancouver. So, it’ll only be available online, at adult stores and movie theatres, and on cable. And, oh yeah, on cellphones. Because 90% of Tellus’ customers use cellphones that can access the internet, and therefore, online porn.

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Almost Heaven

Despite the weather here in Salem (gray), I’m feeling good this morning, so here’s a treat for everyone who loves ’70s folk.

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A Huge Step Forward

Great news out of Egypt tonight. The Grand Mufti of Egypt (one of the most respected scholars of Islamic law) has issued a fatwa saying that premarital hymen reconstructive surgery is halal (religiously permissable), and that women don’t need to tell their future husbands about it. He even went so far as to say that a woman is under no obligation to tell her husband that she had premarital sex if she has repented. I can’t be sure, since I can’t find the actual fatwa, but the newspaper article made it seem like this applies even to adultery.

The best part? Another scholar (Shiekh Khaled El Gindy) has chimed in, saying that the reason for this fatwa is that “Islam never differentiates between men and women, so it is not rational for us to think that God has placed a sign to indicate the virginity of women without having a similar sign to indicate the virginity of men.” Apparently he also has a similar sense of humor as I do, since he added that “Any man who is concerned about his prospective wife’s hymen should first provide a proof that he himself is virgin.” (I want to meet this guy!)

So, next time someone tells you that Islam is inherently misogynistic, point them here. It’s happening slowly, but it’s making strides.

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