I Do Love My State

I have been sans internet (and worse, sans news) for the last several weeks, so I’m sorry for the sudden disappearance of sane, conservative-taunting, bleeding heart commentary you’ve come to expect from me.

With that out of the way, I have this little bit of news I heard last night listening to my local Air America/Nova M/Mother Jones radio station. Oregon is now the seventh state to protect student journalists in high school and college from censorship, even from their parents. If a student-run paper is censored by the administration, they can now sue for relief (a provision that would allow for recovery of attorney fees was stricken from the bill, unfortunately). A small victory, yes, but a sweet one.



  1. madmouser said

    Hah! Someone has some sense when they left out the attorneys. I love it.

  2. Sled Dog said

    Sadly, high school students still have no statutory protection of their right to advocate “bong hits 4 jesus.”

  3. Steph said

    Madmouser needs a tutorial on the benefits of legal representation, and the legitimacy of such in a JUST society. Or is it that madmouser thinks that only those who can afford fees up front should be able to take legal action? Does The Soggy Liberal have an opinion on this, I wonder?

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