Quick Hit: My Dream Cabinet

Okay, like I said, updates have been sporadic lately; aside from finals, I’m in a back brace (enormous pain in the butt). So, in lieu of a weighty tome, allow me to jump way ahead of even the most speculative pundits, and propose a partial cabinet for the Democratic administration beginning in 2009 (I’m assuming a Clinton/Obama ticket):

  • Secretary of State | Bill Richardson (but, by the way, out here in the real West, people know that handguns are used only to kill people)
  • Secretary of Defense | Wesley Clark
  • Attorney General | John Edwards
  • Secretary of the Interior | Bobby Kennedy Jr.
  • Secretary of Health and Human Services | John Kitzhaber (and not just because he’s from Oregon)
  • Secretary of Education | Paul Evans (a little known Oregon State Senate candidate and professor from here in Salem)
  • Secretary of Veteran Affairs | John Kerry or Max Cleland
  • White House Chief of Staff | Mike Gravel

This leaves:

  • Secretary of Labor
  • Secretary of Agriculture
  • Secretary of Commerce
  • Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
  • Secretary of Transportation
  • Secretary of the Treasury
  • Secretary of Energy

which I’m not sure about yet.

(And, yes, I deliberately left out the Secretary of Homeland Security. That’s another, very long post.)



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  2. John said

    I think this is better.
    President – Barack Obama
    Vice President – Evan Bayh

    Secretary of State – Joe Biden
    Secretary of the Treasury – Nydia Velazquez
    Secretary of Defense – Colin Powell (He needs to redeem himself)
    Attorney General – Janet Napolitano
    Secretary of Homeland Security – Jamie Gorelick
    Secretary of the Interior – Tim Wirth
    Secretary of Agriculture – Patty Judge (Shes from Iowa)
    Secretary of Commerce – Harold Ford Jr.
    Secretary of Labor – Linda Chavez-Thompson (Let the people that work in this country run the Labor Department)
    Secretart of HHS – John Kitzhaber (He dominates Health Care)
    Secretary of HUD – Shirley Franklin (Always a good place for a black woman)
    Secretary of Transportation – Jane Garvey
    Secretary of Energy – Hilda Solis
    Secretary of Education – Ben Cayetano (Obama got pick a bo from his home state of Hawii)
    Secretary of Veterans Affairs – Max Cleland (Who else?)

  3. Steph said

    How about Jim Webb? Secretary of Defense or Veterans affairs? Biden is better for Secretary of State (tho, truthfully, I think he might make a better Pres. than the whole bunch….) Definitely Evans for Sec. of Education. Homeland Security needs to be flushed altogether.

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