Time to Taunt the Paleocons Again

I just saw that my secret detractor Filmer has posted about me again (I’m flattered!). So, I’ll go against my own rule and return the favor. I’ll also clear a few things up:

  • I’m no fuckin’ centrist. I’m a bleeding heart, tree hugging, Birkenstock wearing liberal. And I hate centrists almost as much as conservatives; I would assign to them a far worse fate than Dante.
  • You are a troll.
    • You flamed me. (By the way, “PC water carrier” was the worst you could come up with?) Troll points: +1.
    • You capitalized “founding fathers” on the blog of a guy who bloody hates the founding fathers. Troll points: +1.
    • You assume that I’m an isolationist without reading any of my posts marked “World.” Troll Points: +2.
    • You used American Renaissance and Council of Conservative Citizens as sources. Troll Points: +6.

    Which gives you a total of 10 troll points. Five is enough to be considered a full blown troll.

Now, on to certain points raised in Filmer’s post:

  • Regarding the origins of the word “racism,” you said that you cited someone that cited the Oxford English Dictionary, while I cited Dictionary.com, and you think that the OED “is pretty authoritative.” Well, I have my ginormous Webster’s Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language sitting open to page 1591, which says “racism (rā’siz əm) {several long definitions} [1865-70 < F racisme. See RACE, -ISM]”
  • Even if the OED is correct, the equivalent word “racialism” is attested to even before the middle of the 19th century.
  • Hell yeah, I’m censoring you! You’re offensive and ill-informed. I like debate, but it’s impossible to debate rationally with someone who thinks American Renaissance is a reliable source for information about racism

The final point deserves more than a bullet. Filmer said in his post:

Also, if he was as informed about paleoconservatism as he says he is (We want to go back to the Stone Age.) , then he would know that paleos often have a lot of differences with Amren and the CoCC. But if they are the source of good information on a topic, I guess I am not supposed to cite them because they will offend the Soggy “Liberal’s” sensitive, oh so PC sensibilities.

Actually, you’re not supposed to cite them because they’re not reliable. You cannot take one article from a website and say that that’s good and true, but the rest are crap. Here’s a list of ideas that AmRen espouses (from Wikipedia):

  • Racial categories have a biological/genetic basis.*
  • Racial differences exist and are meaningful as a fundamental aspect of individual and group self-identification.
  • Race is a primary determinant of human intelligence and behavior.*
  • Genetics and race are linked to differences in educational and economic outcomes.*
  • Racial preference and bias is logical and pragmatic, rather than merely ideological.*
  • Organizations such as the Council of Conservative Citizens, British National Party, La Raza, Mecha and the NAACP are morally equivalent, and simply represent expressions of natural racial self-identification.
  • Immigration by non-white people leads to negative social trends such as a declines in moral behavior, rising rates of criminality, and declines in the standard of living and per capita income.*
  • Non-white immigration to First World nations such as the United States should be greatly curtailed.
  • There is a strong media bias regarding issues of race and racism, and that hate crimes against white people are vastly underreported, whereas similar crimes against minorities receive great attention.*

The asterisks mean that the claim is demonstrably false. The rest are offensive. Now, let’s say that I quoted a claim of fact by Mel Brooks’ dad in support of my claim that Israel is unjust in its treatment of Palestinians. I would rightly be both condemned and laughed at, because he is not a reliable source on anything related to Judaism or Jews. The same thing is true of AmRen and CoCC.

By the way, the ban applies only to Filmer, not readers of the Conservative Times (assuming that you actually debate, and back up your claims).



  1. Harry Truman said

    Let me ask you something. Aristotle said it is natural for a man to want to aid and help is own tribe above others. (The Greeks thought of themselves in terms of tribes – whence we get the word ‘ethnicity’.) Is it wrong for me to want to help my own tribe (whites)? Is it wrong of me to appreciate and want to preserve my ancestral traditions (Homer, Virgil, Shakespeare, etc.)? Should we just kill all the whites, as you seem to want, and destroy the works of Western Civilization?

    By the way, have you ever read the French novel _Camp of the Saints_ by Jean Raspail? It’s considered to be one of the best novels of the 20th century. Anyway, you remind me of one of the “soft terrorists” in the novel: a Westerner who hates the West.

  2. Harry Truman said

    BTW, it would sound better to say “The important thing is not to stop questioning,” not “The important thing is to not stop questioning” so that you do not have to split the infinitive. I know that purveyors of mediocrity like at the MLA say it is okay to split an infinitive, but some of us still follow the protocols of Fowler’s King’s English and believe in standards.

  3. Jeffrey said

    Well, I would have a big problem with killing all the whites, since I am one. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting to help your “tribe” above others (I’m fairly certain it is natural). However, my goal is for everyone’s tribe to be all of humanity. We may look different, but you are genetically more different from any random white than whites are from blacks, Hispanics, Asians, or any other ethnicity.

    The thing is, there is nothing about multiculturalism that requires you to despise your own race or culture. You just have to recognize that the Baghavad Gita is not worse than the Odyssey just because it was written by someone with brown skin. I love Roman poetry and Shakespeare, but I also love Rumi’s poems and the great Hindu epics.

    Finally, I suggest you read some works by modern linguists (The Language Instinct is a good place to start). Language is not meant to be pure, nor unchanging. Besides, “the important thing is not to stop questioning” has a different meaning from “the important thing is to not stop questioning.” (Also, that rule was made up fairly late in the modern English language, by educated members of the new middle class who thought that English should mirror Latin, in which split infinitives are impossible.)

  4. Harry Truman said

    Like any organization on the Left or Right, American Renaissance will have bad and good articles. The founder of American Renaissance was Jared Taylor, a graduate of Harvard, which should impress a precocious knave like yourself.

    The particular article at American Renaissance on racism probably is a valid article as it was written by Sam Francis, who, along with being considered a genius by many, had a Ph.D. in European History.

  5. Green Tory said

    Call me a “racist”, but I can’t really see a straight-haired monkey (Indian) producing anything of value. Other than spreading AIDS, food poisoning, and driving down American and European wages, these apes aren’t worth much.

  6. Jeffrey said

    No, I’m not particularly impressed by the fact that Jared Taylor graduated from Yale (not Harvard, I’m inclined to check facts) or that Sam Francis had a Ph.D. I’ve read works by a large number of Ph.D.’s and Yale graduates who have their heads so far up their asses they’re kissing their kidneys (besides, the genius in the White House went to Yale). If they had Ph.D.’s in physics and were talking about quantum mechanics, I would care, but they’re talking about policy and biology. I’m just as qualified to talk about policy, since I, like them, am an American citizen. I’m more qualified than them to talk about biology since I actually understand basic principles of genetics and evolution.

    Oh, and GT, I think I will call you racist, not to mention ignorant and ill informed. Oh yeah, I should mention that us whites are interbred with Neanderthals far more than Indians, and that if it weren’t for ancient India’s mathematicians, who invented zero, you would not be using a computer. You’re banned too.

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  8. Frank said

    Would you mind demonstrating the falsity of those points? Please 😀

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