Note to Self

Never track-back to a nutter blog again. My readership spiked after I linked to the Conservative Times, but I got this lovely “rebuttal”:

“Finally, you lose the right to accuse anyone of racism when you define conservatism as “the survival and enhancement of a particular people and its institutionalized cultural expressions.””

First of all, conservatives should not accuse people of racism because racism is a neo-Marxist term used to enforce politically correct right think. I don’t think anyone affiliated with Conservative Times called anyone a racist. They suggested that La Raza (Meaning The Race. A little ironic don’t you think?) is anti-White and anti-West. Nor did they say that La Raza is a terrorist organization. Although the quotes from the founder of La Raza are quite interesting. I did not write the post, but I think the Al Qaeda reference was comparing them on the basis of them being anti-West.

What problem do you have with the definition of conservatism? How would you define it? I believe the definition is a translation of the quote from Cicero that is above it.

You are a good little PC water carrier, BTW. Declaring that people “lose the right” to comment when they deviate from the liberal party line.

My commentary after the break

Racism is neo-Marxist? Funny, ’cause says that the word “racism” is first attested to in the middle of the 1800s. Which would make it paleo-Marxist, except for the fact that Karl Marx (I assume Filmer is not talking about Groucho) didn’t talk much about race. Actually, as far as I can remember or find on the internet, he didn’t talk about race at all.

And, Filmer, unless you’re worried about La Raza being opposed to paper, then, yes, the Conservative Times is calling La Raza racist. Last time I checked, “white” was a race (to the extent there is such a thing as race, which is another topic altogether), and the article called La Raza “anti-white.” Also, as I pointed out last time, the full name of “La Raza” is the National Council of La Raza (NCLR). “La Raza” is simply another term for Latin Americans, like Hispanic, Latino, or Chicano. Sort of like The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

El Señor Bede, who wrote the article, accused Sen. Lindsay Graham of “catering to Mexican terrorists.” Now, that sounds a lot to me like accusing the NCLR of terrorism. Besides, there are a lot of groups that are “anti-west” and “anti-white” that aren’t the Black Panthers or al Qaeda (the “al” isn’t capitalized), so I can only assume that using those groups was a deliberate attempt to associate the NCLR with terrorism.

Oh, and Jose Ángel Guiterrez founded the Raza Unida Party, not the NCLR. He has no association with the NCLR. Get your damn facts straight.

Finally, I have no problem with that definition of conservatism. (Well, certain types. Some are racist, some are religious bigots, and some are just greedy pigs.) I think it fits many conservatives to a T.

The same ones who sit on the border with shotguns and teach their kids to shoot targets of illegal immigrants.

The same ones that back in the ’60s were complaining that if it weren’t for all those outside agitators their Negroes would be just fine.

The same ones that opposed entering WWII because they sort of liked Hitler.

The same ones that loved Chinese immigrants as long as they would work in the mines and shut up.

The same ones that marched 4,000 Cherokee to their deaths.

The same ones that beat slaves that dared say anything in their master’s presence.

The same ones that gave the Iroquois and the Lakota smallpox so that they could steal their land.

These are your brothers in arms, Bede and Filmer. These are your comrades, compatriots and predecessors.



  1. Filmer said

    Who is in charge of determining which blog is a “nutter blog” and which one is not? You? I see that you pat yourself on the back because you are against extremists. Well isn’t that daring of you? The problem is that political discourse in this nation is entirely dominated by the center, a center that is yesteryear’s far left. What the discourse actually needs is more serious people who are willing to take “extreme” positions. Every Founding Father would be an “extremist” by today’s standards. Even Federalist like Hamilton would be raging small-government libertarians today.

    Perhaps it is you who needs to get your facts straight. Conservative Times is generally a PALEOconservative blog. Paleos are much more willing to admit that the Indians were treated horribly because we reject the neocon concept of American exceptionalism. Since we are not arguing American exceptionalism and believe that America is a particular nation like all others, we have no need to paper over atrocities that we as a society have committed in the past. The neos have called us un-American and unpatriotic because of it. Paleos, for example, decry the nuking of civilian targets in Japan. We are against the Iraq Invasion and decry the willingness of many to accept collateral damage. We would actually argue that past concepts like “manifest destiny” are a forerunner to the neocon internationalism and interventionism of today.

    I will provide a link on the origins and popularization of the term “racism” when I have time, but you are correct that Marx talked little about race. He concentrated on class. That is why it is neo-Marxist. It was the neo-Marxist who started to concentrate on race, gender, etc. in addition to class.

  2. Jeffrey said

    Stupid troll.

  3. Filmer said

    Are you being serious or was that written in jest?

    I believe a troll is a liberal who inhabits conservative blogs just to make trouble and not further the debate or vice versa.

    There was nothing troll like about my reply. You linked to our blog, and said we are “nutter” whatever that means. You should be willing to defend your statements. Isn’t that what reasonable centrist like you do? Mindless name calling is the stock and trade of “extremists,” I thought.

    I’ll provide you with a good link re. paleoconservatism if that is a new concept for you.

  4. […] Go here to see for yourself. Make sure you click on the internal link to see his post yesterday which started it off. […]

  5. Jeffrey said

    Dude, did you read the title of my blog? I’m no centrist. The reason I hate extremists I agree with is because they have the tendency to do stupid things such as destroying Hummer dealerships, blowing people up, etc. which, aside from being morally wrong, hurts the cause. And I did defend my statements. Read the post again.

    I know perfectly well what a paleoconservative is: someone who wants us to return to the stone age. And “nutter” is the British version of “nut.”

  6. Frank B Lee said

    Was Marx a Racist Himself?

    Why did he wish to prevent his daughter’s marriage to Paul Lafargue? And what nicknames did he use for Lafargue? You can probably find the answers with google 😉

    Most people were “racists” back then…

  7. Filmer said

    Here are two links that discusses the origins of the term racism.

    I know you will balk at the sites, but I ask you to address the argument and not focus on the sites.

    The second is a transcript of the video “The Frankfurt School Story.”

    “You should be willing to defend your statements.”

    That was in relation to calling me a troll which seemed a little silly. I disagreed with you, but I was not hostile.

    And I know what a nutter is. “Whatever that means” is a reference to who defines it. I think the slavish enforcers of PC thought control are nutty. I suspect you disagree.

  8. Jeffrey said

    Filmer, your comment went into moderation because it had two links in it. I approved it not because I disapprove of censorship, but because I wanted to show the best proof I have that you are a troll. You will notice that the first link is to a “” What that abbreviation does not tell you is that it is the site of the notorious white separatist group American Renaissance. The second link is to the Council of Conservative Citizens, which opposes racial integration. When you post links like that to my site, you are a troll. All further comments of yours will be deleted.

  9. […] posted a couple of links at the Soggy “Liberal” blog. The origin of the word “racism” came up. The […]

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