Hillary ≠ Bill

I normally don’t talk like an obnoxious cheerleader, but right now it’s appropriate. Oh. My. God.

On Thursday, Meredith Vieira interviewed Barack Obama and asked him whether or not he will “make the personal issues of other candidates an issue in [his] race.” A decent question (though inane to anyone who has followed the squeaky-clean campaigns that Obama has previously run). The problem was the prelude:

There’s been a lot of discussion lately about the marriage factor and how that will play in the race. Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, Newt Gingrich — all married multiple times. Plus, Hillary Clinton has had her marriage troubles as well. [Emphasis added.]

Yes, Hillary has had numerous affairs while her spouse was crippled by a car accident, refused to pay even a tiny amount of alimony despite her multi-million dollar salary, and announced her divorce shortly after Bill was diagnosed with MS. Oh, no, wait, that would be McCain, Giuliani, and Gingrich, respectively. Hillary Clinton’s “marriage troubles” consisted entirely of taking back the man she married despite several affairs. Which proves, at worst, that she trusts her husband too much, and more likely that she loves him despite his flaws and believes that marriage is sacred. Can we have a little less misogyny and a little more truth from NBC, please?



  1. Barbara J said

    As a liberal Democratic voter myself, I couldn’t care less about Hillary Clinton’s “marital problems” or lack thereof. What I do care about, is that Hillary is a corporate a**-kissing, warmongering DLC follower who was a big factor in getting the US entangled in the Iraq disaster– not to mention wanting us to get further entangled with Syria and Iranians, stupidly enough. Oh, and that she’s also a big supporter of outsourcing to countries abroad, which is singlehandedly killing our software and other industries at home, making it tough even to get a living wage to otherwise decently-trained Americans who actually believed that hard work and accomplishment were elemental to the US way of life.

    And that she also supports a ban on flag-burning, an especially lame and stupid attempt to censor free speech. Then there’s the way she’s backstabbed both Kerry and Obama on different occasions, dissembling in both cases– especially with Obama, where she BS’ed so much that she tried to claim Geffen was Obama’s campaign manager!

    To sum up where you can guess this is heading, I won’t vote for Hillary in 2008, for ANYTHING– primaries, general election, whatever. And if it means saluting Giuliani into the Oval Office in 2008, fine, I really couldn’t care less. I don’t like Rudy Giuliani in many wyas, but I could tolerate him at least– far more than the moron we currently have occupying the White House and his evil torturer in chief, aka VP Dick Cheney. And since the Democrats control Congress anyway, even if Rudy wound up under a mind-control device and started pushing the stupidity that Bush, Delay and Rove have been whipping up the past 8 years, we could convince him otherwise.

    I’d much rather keep out a DLC poseur, accept a Giuliani presidency than vote for Hillary. That way, at least for 2012, we could actually get a bona fide Democrat into office.

  2. Steph said

    Not only that, but she’s also a very cold prickly. God forbid our only choice is Hillary or one of the Republican skunks!!!

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