No Shit, Joe

Joe Lieberman wants a “war tax.” This is where my high school English teacher would have written “NS.”. Duh! Every war we’ve been in, we’ve raised taxes, and it’s controversial whether we should raise them now? We’re spending billions a day on Iraq, and the debt is up $3 trillion since Bush entered office, and it’s controversial? We have become the ultimate taxophobic society, willing to sell our children into slavery to China rather than pay another 4 or 5 percent in income taxes. The Scandinavian countries have income tax rates approaching 80% and some of the most stable and productive economies, while the U. S. has an obscenely low maximum rate of 35% and an economy that tanks at the slightest ripple.

Okay, got that venom out.

As Alon Levy pointed out, I screwed up a bit. I originally said that Scandinavian countries have income tax rates approaching 50%, rather than 80%.



  1. Alon Levy said

    Sweden’s top rate is, if I’m not mistaken, 80%. 50% isn’t that high; removing the FICA tax cap alone will make federal taxes top at 50.3%, plus about 5-6% in state taxes.

  2. Jeffrey said

    Er, you’re right, Alon. I think I mixed up the Netherlands’ with the Scandinavian countries’. And that is income taxes alone.

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