This Is So [expletive deleted] Wrong

In the category of “Wrong Response,” the winner is… a school district in New Jersey. When a teacher at Kearny High School made several, shall we say, unjustified comments to his class (we’ll get to what she said in a moment), a junior there decided enough was enough and he would go to the school board. However, since he was only a student, he thought they wouldn’t believe him, so he decided to record the class on audio tape.

What did he record? The teacher telling his class that the big bang and evolution were unscientific, that there were dinosaurs on Noah’s ark, and that if you did not accept Jesus Christ as your savior (hallelujah!) , you would burn in Hell for all eternity. So, what do you think the school board did when they heard the tape? Well, first they reprimanded (not fired) the teacher. Then, they banned taping classes without permission from the teacher.

Well, it turns out that the teacher has not learned his lesson. Apparently the same student that taped him in September now says that he compared the people who believe in global warming (aka scientists) to Hitler. What, exactly, does it take to fire a teacher?

The teacher in question is male, not female, as I stated before. (I’m not entirely sure how I missed that.)



  1. CTB said

    wow….i agree with what the teacher says completely…but maybe the way she was saying came off a little “harsh.” this is the first time i’ve heard of a teacher acctually agreing with the Word of God, especially since she is a science teacher. a teacher here, siad that the Big bang was completely true and if you said otherwise then she would tell you your wrong. end of story. period…but i can not tell if you are for this or against this. do you agree or not?


  2. Librarian Grandma said

    Regardless of one’s opinion on the subject of “dinosaurs and Noah’s Ark”, I believe that the constitution of the United States of America provides for religious freedom AND the separation of church and state! Unless this teacher is instructing at a parochial school, the teacher is being paid with tax dollars and has no right to use classtime for expounding on her religious “theories”. Besides……….I find it difficult to believe that the Ark would have arrived at Mt Ararat with any creature still alive if T-Rex were sharing the quarters.

  3. You should listen to your Mama if you have a lick of sense left said

    You know, the thing is, teachers are for teaching and preachers are for preaching (regardless of what Ted Haggard thought) and the difference between the two SHOULD be common sense. The problem seems to be the lack of said attribute; Evidence yet again that dinosaurs yet abide in classrooms and on school boards. One more reason to thank the good science teachers you know!!! (for those who need it spelled out…the ones who teach SCIENCE, unadulterated by religious bias, personal agenda or political motivation)
    OH, YEAH, and thank you to those rare souls in the public school system who manage to also impart the value of independent critical thinking- Librarian Grandma included-Keep opening those minds….
    By the way…just what did that teacher think was scientific about the concept of burning in hell???

  4. CTB said

    it’s the concept of science vs. creatoin…and how science and creation go hand in hand….but science does not really have anything to do with hell…i guess it was the teachers personal conviction.

  5. You should listen to your Mama if you have a lick of sense left said


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