If You’re Going to Be Sexist, At Least Grow Up

This is already over the blogosphere by now, but it’s so obnoxious I have to put it up. Andrew Sullivan apparently has never gone through puberty, despite the beard and bald spot (hormone replacement therapy?). He thinks Hillary Clinton has cooties. Yes, he actually said “cooties.” Come on, we’re not in the second grade, Mr. Sullivan. Come out and say it: “I’m sexist and don’t want a woman to be president.”

Of course, he could be just playing to the sexist sensibilities of the Republican base. Apparently he mostly hates her for being liberal. I think the term he used was “radioactive blue.” I’ve heard of “electric blue,” but what is radioactive blue? Maybe the color you turn when Bush dumps nuclear waste in your Native American Reservation?

Sullivan has one more insult. She’s a “terrible politician.” I can think of a lot of insults for her, but “terrible politician” is not one of them. Cold and prickly, yes. Manipulative, yes. Unprincipled, yes. But “terrible politician” applies to Mrs. Clinton about as much as “intelligent and insightful” applies to Mr. Sullivan.


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