Something You Won’t See in US Media

From the Guardian comes news that Iran is having trouble enriching more than a few grams of Uranium 235, less than .02% of what is needed for a bomb. And, not only is Iran having some problems, it turns out that it’s not sanctions or blustering on our president’s part that’s brought this about. Nope, just good, old-fashioned arms control. Iran was almost completely dependent on A. Q. Khan’s smuggling operation, and we broke that up because of IAEA inspections. They were also dependent on a few suppliers of high quality ball bearings in Malaysia. Again, those companies were shut down. Basically, the “threat” of a nuclear attack by Iran on Israel (or anyone else) was made up by Ehud Olmert and his neo-con friends in the US.

You know what, Bush and Ahmadinejad are really just a couple of puffed up grouse arguing about who has bigger, er, sacks. That’s honestly what they’re called.

Actually, as funny as the image of Bush the Grouse is, it needs sound.

Seriously, try to imagine Bush making this noise.



  1. jeremiasx said

    Mental images of men swinging buckets around their heads to enrich uranium come to mind. (This is an actual accusation against some of the “terrorists” in Guantanamo Bay.)

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