Democrats Win!

You all know that Democrats won the House and, now, one of Allen’s aides says that Allen will concede tomorrow afternoon. This means that Bush is now a complete lame duck. He’s already bowed to pressure to fire Rummy.

What does this mean? I would love to say that it’s a clear mandate for the Democrats to rule how they want and that America is finally turning back toward the left, but I don’t think that’s the case. I think that America is just fed up with the war and was willing to take a chance on Democrats to kick the bastards out of office (it doesn’t hurt that the homophobic gay ministers/ephebophile Republicans/general perverts were outed just a few weeks before).

That said, Democrats do have a mandate for certain things:
1) End the war. Most of the democrats (like Tester and Webb) that could never have been elected in their conservative states won because they made the war a big issue.
2) Stop ultra-conservative judges. If, god forbid, one of the liberal Justices should die or resign, or another spot open up in the lower courts, Democrats now have the ability to stop them without an unpopular filibuster. Plus, on the most important issues like presidential power and abortion, Democrats are most definitely in the mainstream.
3) Investigate the Bush Crime Family. Something very serious was going on behind the scenes before we went to war in Iraq, and we can finally get to the bottom of it, as long as Democrats have the cojones to start a real investigation.


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