Election Day!

Today’s election day! Well, at least everywhere other than Oregon. We’ve been voting for a couple weeks now. In the great State of the Slug, everyone votes by mail, and we were 6th in the nation for voter turnout in the last midterm (4th in 2004). We’ve always had huge voter turnout (80% in the ’60s), but we saw a huge spike in the 2000 election. What happened? in ’98, we passed a ballot measure that has everyone vote by mail. This a) makes it easy to vote and b) reduces voter fraud. We don’t have to worry about those Diebold machines, and every vote has a paper trail.

According to Stephen Keller, an employee of a law firm that represented Diebold, there is a program inserted into the machines that allows the results to be changed at the flip of a switch—and only republican administrations have bought the damn things. I guarantee you that if the Democrats lose the House, it was Diebold that stole the election.

One more prediction: if the Republicans keep the house, there will be riots everywhere. If Allen keeps his seat, there will be riots in Virginia’s black community. If Ford loses, there will be riots in the rural areas of Tennessee (or at least very angry rednecks with guns). Majoritywatch.com is predicting a landslide victory for the Dems in the House, and Slate is predicting at least significant gains for them in the Senate. People know that we’re winning. They will be angry if we lose. Bush crime family, watch out.


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  1. Emma said

    Lol. Nice blog.

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